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Inside Candle pattern

Mastering the Inside Candle Pattern: Your Guide to Powerful Price Action Trading


Dear traders and investors: Good day! Today, we’re going to dive into the fascinating world of “inside candle pattern.” If you want to improve your buying and selling strategies using accurate fee movement indications, you’ve come to the right place. This pattern is an important tool for understanding market sentiment and for choosing the right time to buy and sell. This blog post will discuss the inside candle pattern, its importance, and how to use it effectively when buying and selling.

What is the Inside Candle Pattern?

what is inside bar

Before getting into the details, let’s first determine the inside candle pattern. When the high and low of the current candle remain within the high and low range of the previous candle, This would be an example of an inside bar. It indicates an extended period of market stabilization and suggests that both buyers and sellers are unsure. But keep in mind that this pattern may be used as a sign of potential trend reversals.

Why is the Inside Candle Pattern Important?

Moving on to this pattern’s importance, price action trading greatly values this pattern. You can better understand market trends by spotting this pattern on your charts. You can avoid missing profitable trading opportunities by using it to assist you identify effective entry and exit points. Whether you are a swing trader or a day trader, adding this pattern to your trading strategy can provide you with an edge.

Types of Inside Candle Patterns:

Before we continue, it’s important to understand all of these pattern types that traders need to be aware of:

bullish inside candle pattern

When the current candle is a smaller inside candle and green in colour that is entirely contained within the previous red candle, this pattern is known as a bullish inside candle pattern. It signals a potential bullish reversal, pointing to a change in attitude from bearish to bullish.

Bearish Inside candle patternOn the other hand, a bearish inside candle pattern develops when the current red candle is a smaller inside candle than the prior green candle. It suggests a potential negative reversal, signifying a change in attitude from bullish to bearish.

double inside candle patternDouble Inside Candle Pattern, You could occasionally come across this pattern, in which two subsequent inside candles appear one after the other. This pattern denotes higher indecision and possible market instability.

How to Trade with the Inside Candle Pattern:

Let’s talk about how to successfully implement this pattern into your buying and selling practice now that we understand what it is and why it is important. Before anything else, keep a close eye on your price charts and look for situations where an inside bar pattern appears. After an ongoing trend, keep an eye out for this particular example because it typically signals a possible trend reversal.


Congratulations! You’ve come a long way in your trading career toward mastering the inside candle pattern. Keep in mind that understanding and recognizing this powerful price movement indicator could change the path of your trading career.

So traders, get ready! Utilize the inside bar pattern and relax in your ability to achieve it as you navigate the difficult financial markets. Enjoy your trading, and may your profits skyrocket but still if you need proper guidance in your trading and looking to learn the stock market from scratch, you can enroll on our best-selling course


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